About Us

We are a consultancy focused on business growth, energised by our supporting services.

Entrepreneurial alchemy – a crucible of excitement and experience. We recognise that most individuals and businesses know a lot about something that makes them stand out; but not enough about everything to be sustainably outstanding.

At Fio we get a kick out giving the right advice and providing proven tools and systems to make decisions for business easier and wealth management less intimidating – to show others that achievable growth and financial security is entirely easier to attain and less costly than imagined.

This where our Fio factor comes in. It is our genuine desire to encourage success by sharing experience; working with people so that they can make better informed decisions; using team abilities to provide expertise; sharing mistakes and advice to make success less of a hit and miss experience — by sharing the formula to success unselfishly.

Fio Factor =

Experienced entrepreneurs and successful business people make it easier for new entrepreneurs and businesses to succeed.

We are built upon

Cost effective experience. No jargon and no BS. Full scope. Open doors. Transparent honest value. Services to assist you with situations that you’re not really cut out for.

Our genuine desire is to grow greatness – more than profit. Profitability you can be proud of.

Pretoria South Africa

Boardwalk Office Park, Phase 2, Block H
107 Haymeadow Street
Faerie Glen
Pretoria 0043

Cape Town South Africa

50 Long Street
Western Cape
Cape Town

Lisbon Portugal

Rua Santo Amaro 148
First Floor
Lisbon 1300-516