About Us

We are about worthwhile people and worthwhile business.

We are an alliance of energetic prosperity specialists offering full spectrum services – ideal for individuals, executives and entrepreneurial businesses

We determine the most effective strategy to boost your financial portfolio.

Fio is a team providing wealth management and astute investment advice; human resources; marketing solutions and software development; legal, tax and accounting services; IT tools and facilities for reputation management and enhanced go-to-market productivity.

We provide a comprehensive service-in-a-box that can be customised to suit your needs, to grow economically successful people and companies: by improving efficiencies, managing monies and services to reduce stress, to make for a better work/life balance and allow people and businesses to focus on what they are best at – making time to be more effective and productive so that
reaching realistic goals is easier.

We stand for

Human value and wealth connectivity that is constructive – because too many services are just expensive and actually so useless they are demoralising. Fio is geared up to change that right now.

We are built upon

Cost effective experience. No jargon and no BS. Full scope. Open doors. Transparent honest value. Services to assist you with situations that you’re not really cut out for.

Our genuine desire is to grow greatness – more than profit. Profitability you can be proud of.

Pretoria South Africa

Selati Park, Suite 2
36 Selati Street
Alphen Park
Pretoria 0081

Cape Town South Africa

50 Long Street
Western Cape
Cape Town

Lisbon Portugal

Rua Santo Amaro 148
First Floor
Lisbon 1300-516