Audio & Visual Consultation & Services

We provide custom in-store enhancement solutions that reflect your brand

and liven up your customer’s experience.

Our Method of Audio & Visual Consultation

Customers want to experience a brand. Fio’s Audio & Visual division adds a new custom dimension that reiterates your business’s vision and purpose. We provide you with tailored in-store enhancement solutions to intrigue and attract customers. We understand that your brand is more than a business, it’s personal, and it’s that ‘personality’ what we want your target audience to see, hear and feel when they enter your store. Our consultants are passionate about helping businesses succeed.

Audio & Visual

Set the vibe

Fio’s Audio & Visual division Looking for an extensive catalogue of licensed music to give your store a vibe to match the brand? Soundtracks include music from more than 380 record labels! This offers you a massive selection of music; everything from pop and EDM to golden oldies, country and rock. Choose from hundreds of soundtracks curated by our experts. You can also create your own; choose from over 50 million songs!

Ensure customers will genuinely experience your brand

Why not liven up your space and ac(scent)uate it with welcoming fragrances dispersed by scent diffusers? Scent marketing allows you to create an ideal environment that emphasises creating positive emotions for customers.

Build your brand…literally

Are you looking to promote a new product and increase brand awareness? We can also kit out your space with the latest, most economical frame building system. Add state-of-the-art LED lightboxes to display your products and highlight your brand messaging with professionally constructed digital signage. It’s an elite all-in-one visual and audio sensory experience.

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