Are you finding that your sales figures are constantly decreasing? There likely is/are problems with your sales funnel, causing prospects to exit before they convert. Use the following tactics to examine and optimise each stage of the funnel.

If the sales funnel is a new concept for you, here’s a brief introduction.


Back to basics

Here is an excerpt from an article written last year that defines a sales funnel.

“The term sales funnel (also known as a conversion funnel) represents the route that a user will take on the path to purchase; the trail narrows as the user progresses through various stages. We’ll take you through each stage in detail to have a comprehensive understanding of the mechanism. There are a few different interpretations of the funnel, but for this article, we’ll be discussing the following stages.”

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Consideration
  • Intent
  • Evaluation
  • Purchase

Reasons you’re experiencing sales funnel issues

  • You’re not getting enough traffic

The bottom line is if your sales aren’t driving traffic to your website and/or mobile app, you can’t generate leads and make sales. It’s really that simple.

 Ways to fix the problem

  • Increase brand awareness

Awareness is the top stage of the funnel and therefore is the best place to start. Use social media to your advantage. If you haven’t already, set up appropriate social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Take an omnichannel approach and start posting content as soon as possible.

However, before you begin, make sure you’ve established a distinctive tone and voice to suit your brand and that will resonate with your audience. Invest in paid media advertising and run targeted ads on Google Display Network.

  • Follow SEO best practices

Search engine optimisation (SEO) practices strengthen your online visibility and help enhance your brand awareness efforts on search engine results pages (SERP). This is a vital tool needed to drive more traffic to your site.

For more information about these awareness-enhancing tactics, speak to a business consultancy that can provide you with immediate access to social media, copywriters and paid media specialists.

  • You’re not targeting the ideal audience

Ways to fix the problem

Who is your ideal audience? If you can’t answer this question, you need to go back to the drawing board. Define your brand’s purpose, vision and mission and apply it to your products and/or services. Conduct some market research to define your target audience. One of the best methods to start with is running online or email survey campaigns. There are numerous free platforms you can use, such as Google Forms and/or Mailchimp. Based on the results, you’ll find certain trends emerging, which will help set up an ideal audience framework.

Then, create a marketing strategy that focuses on targeting the specific audience segment that your research has identified. Once you reach this segment and start seeing an increase in traffic, you can branch out to other demographics.

  • Your UX and UI aren’t providing a favourable customer experience

Ways to fix the problem

  • User experience

Today, users expect to have a fluid journey through your website and/or mobile app. They should be able to find what they’re looking for, perform their desired actions and complete the transaction(s) as effortlessly as possible. If any of the sales funnel stages become a hassle, they will likely exit before converting.

Part of the ideal user experience is having a fun, easy to navigate user interface for your website and/or mobile app.

  • User interface

A user interface (UI) primarily drives the Interest, consideration and intent stages of the sales funnel. Prospects must be able to browse the site as they wish. Ensure that all your pages’ technical aspects are working. This includes but is not limited to page speed; this is a particularly vital touchpoint if you have an eCommerce business.

A well-functioning UI is also essential at the evaluation and purchase stages of the funnel. If there are any unnecessary detours at this point, it could cost you the sale.

A pertinent example is having difficulty applying a discount voucher code and paying at the purchase stage. You’re seconds away from making a sale; if this process doesn’t run smoothly, cart abandonment will likely occur. You need to make sure your payment portal is easy to use and it works optimally.

Think of the UX as the mechanics that make your website function and the UI as the interest—drawing website chassis. Both need to work in synergy to satisfy the customers’ needs. A faulty clutch or difficulty using the entertainment interface could break a 98% closed deal.  

  • You’re not nurturing leads

Ways to fix the problem

Are you following up with your customers who took part in the journey but didn’t convert? If not, start right now. One of the best ways to nurture leads is to send follow-up emails asking them about their experience and offering a reward to return to the site and complete their purchase. You can also use ad retargeting. We discussed this marketing method in a previous article. Here is an excerpt that defines retargeting.

“Retargeting typically refers to the placement of online ads or display ads targeting users who have visited and performed some interaction with your site without purchasing a product; basically, they have entered the sales cycle but haven’t made a purchase (converted). Their information can be captured by setting up a cookie in their browser.

Once complete, you can retarget your ads to them based on the interaction they previously performed. The ads are placed by third parties such as the Google Display Network or Facebook and, on other sites, the prospect visits.” Read the full article for more information about retargeting. People want to know that you care about them. Personalisation and connection are vital elements that need to be used to nurture leads.

Solution: Hit ‘restart’ to avoid a ‘force quit’

A detailed, agile marketing strategy needs to be in place outlining the necessary damage control procedures required to unclog each specific stage to ultimately avoid complete sales funnel stagnation. If none of the above methods assists in fixing the issues, it’s worth considering re-examining each stage at its source and restarting them. You may need to adjust your marketing strategy.

It’s likely to take time and effort, but if you don’t do anything, the funnel will shut down stage by stage and then it’s game over.