Looking into the future of business with Fio Capital

As a new business owner, you don’t always understand all the details of running a business, you need a power team of lawyers, accountants and marketers’  around you with the knowledge to be really successful. Fio Capital can be that power team for your business while expanding their own equity portfolio as well. “We want to invest and empower businesses enabling us all to be game changers” says Ajay Wasserman, CEO and Founder of Fio Capital

Fio Capital wants to build a business with subsidiaries of multiple businesses in the five industries of the future namely, education, healthcare, technology, sustainability and property.

All of these industries are linked, they cross-subsidise and complement each other. Hoping to benefit the economy and globally make a real difference within people’s lives, we are specifically looking for businesses to purchase in these five main industries. We believe that owning and operating businesses in these five industries at a large scale will give us the opportunity to make the difference we want to make globally. “We identified these five industries because we believe they will always be integral and involved in building economies globally in the future. In all of these industries we can make a big difference, and I say ‘we’ because it will take a big group of people to realize this growth, and except for growth we want to help people and businesses to look into the future”, says Wasserman.

In the same breath, Fio Capital will surround itself with experts within Fio Capital. Wasserman will lead a committee of specialists in their relevant fields that will help with all of the investment decision making of Fio Capital, lowering unnecessary risk taking. We have a learning mindset, therefor we are also looking for candidates that can form part of our investment committee helping us to make informed decisions on our business investments and purchases that form part of our business as a private equity venture capital business. All of these committee members will help check the due diligence, the affordability, growth and sustainability of the businesses that are considered for investment to lower the risks of the new venture.

More about the 5 industries


Technology assists us with a lot of the things we do and use every day like digital platforms, crypto currency, financial systems, web 3.0, healthcare technology, education technology and the list go on. We need to continuously develop and grow these technologies because it boosts productivity and makes business more feasible.



The massive transformation of knowledge and transformation of industries are causing a big education requirement. With technology advancements and a lot of other industry improvements  here is a massive education need globally for this industry transformation.


Access to healthcare globally is one of the most important factors we as humans can work on to ensure a better future for everybody on earth. This includes access to healthier food nutrients and dietary requirements, access to pathology tests, measurement equipment, vaccinations,  reventative medical procedures, prosthesis, frail care, health clubs, healthcare facilities, hospitals and any other medical product or service that can assist in taking care of our health.


We should take care of our planet and what we have to ensure that we can create a better future for the human race right here on Earth. We only have one planet Earth and we should be very careful of reaching any point of no return, preventative measures in this regard are of utmost importance.


With the continuous increase of our population globally we have the massive challenge of creating an environment where we can all have a safe place to lay down our heads at night and rest so we can take on the challenges of the world tomorrow.