The lockdown extension has intensified alterations in social behavioural trends. Everyone is adapting to new circumstances, and marketers need to align with the dynamic. Proactive methods of collecting relevant data to gain an accurate picture of current behaviour developments are necessary. But where do you start?

Three salient questions need to be answered if marketers wish to help their clients through this turbulent time.

  1. How to respond during the crisis?
  2. Where should businesses allocate budgets during the pandemic?
  3. How to anticipate changes in consumer behaviour?

Should digital marketers help businesses respond during a crisis?

Absolutely. However, businesses need to respond in a way that provides value and reassurance to consumers. One of the primary methods to objectively determine an appropriate response is through an analytical audit. Through systematic analysis and interpretation of supporting data, your market positioning can be identified, and the value your business provides can be built into a marketing strategy that is adaptable to the current social environment.

Where businesses should allocate budgets during the pandemic

Multinational media communications company, Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN) stated in an article published by marketing information hub, WARC, suggested a media mix on which businesses should focus their budgets to satisfy present-day user behaviour.

  • Increase: Digital, e.g. official media, short video, social media presence, news and info sites
  • Maintain: Over-the-top (OTT), e.g. On-demand video streaming services  
  • Minimise: Out-of-home (OOH) media and advertising, e.g. cinema, airport

The anticipation of changes in consumer behaviour

Research has shown that content is being consumed online at an exponential rate and at this juncture, digital marketing is well-positioned to provide businesses with targeted approaches that will aid in anticipating evolving consumer behaviour. 

CNBC, the number one business and financial news network in the world, postulates that consumer behaviour now and for the foreseeable future centres around ‘three elements: protect, entertain and connect.’

Based on the abovementioned elements, it’s fair to predict that promotion of essential items, social media, access to news and information websites as well as video content should be integrated into business’ marketing strategies as soon as possible. An article published in the New York Times found that ‘minutes spent on news sites has increased by 46% in the same period as last year. And since people can’t hang out with their friends in real life, they’re connecting virtually — on every platform possible.’

In terms of brand messaging, businesses need to establish a balance between keeping users satisfied while also remaining sympathetic to the consequences of the pandemic. Our mission, at, is to help businesses achieve their objectives. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we can assist you in moulding your marketing strategy. Ways in which we will accomplish this for you include

  1. Create and/or increase social media presence.
  2. Communicate with your ideal audience through strategic, well-written content.
  3. Optimise business’ content for SEO

We believe this time presents an opportunity for businesses to pivot their strategies to align with contemporary user behaviour. Leave a lasting impression today that earns consumers’ trust for the future. 

Need a helping hand? Contact us to schedule a strategy and consultation session and a FREE digital marketing audit. Our team of professionals is always here for you.