Is LinkedIn a part of your 2022 Social Media Strategy? If not, it needs to be.

LinkedIn is fast becoming one of the most valuable platforms for your business.

These are a few reasons why your business needs a LinkedIn page

  • There are 800 million Members on LinkedIn
  • At the end of 2021, LinkedIn claims to have reached 65 million decision-makers.
  • 87% of the Inc 500 companies use LinkedIn
  • The average LinkedIn user spent 7 minutes and 12 seconds

1. It increases your searchability

This is probably one of the most important reasons why you need LinkedIn for your business. When people search for a business, where is the first place they go? Google, right?

If you have a LinkedIn company profile, it will show up on the first page. The more relevant results people find when they search your business, the more your credibility grows. It does also increase the chances of people getting in touch with you, sending a message on LinkedIn is very quick and easy. 

2. Customise how you showcase your products and services

Your LinkedIn business page allows you to showcase your product and services easily and succinctly, but it also allows you the ability to customise the content you are sharing. There are tools available that give you the ability to target your audience and meet them where they are and shaping the message to suit them. 

LinkedIn has a tool that the other social media platforms do not have, you can create Showcase pages, further allowing you to target specific audiences for specific branches/areas of your business. 

3. Increase credibility

Establishing credibility is a goal all businesses share. Every business, regardless of the product or services they offer wants to develop a relationship with clients and be influential within their industry – a LinkedIn business page can help with this. In fact, if used right LinkedIn can help you position yourself as an industry leader. 

What sets LinkedIn apart from the other platforms? Quite simply it is the sharing power it has. You have the ability to make connections, not only with peers but with industry leaders. Groups offer powerful opportunities to connect with new audiences and establish credibility.


4. Staying front of mind

Business cards are so yesterday! LinkedIn allows you to share all your personal details and those of your business with potential clients and other connections. LinkedIn functions as your online business card and the benefit of this is that you can stay front of mind with everyone you meet. 

You can easily connect with people while still in a meeting or reach out to them after your interaction with a personalised message inviting them to like your LinkedIn business page.


5. Find new clients

Whether you like it or not, the business world is now digital, and your next client is using LinkedIn right now. 

LinkedIn is used to post jobs, find jobs, look for clients and so much more. If you spend time researching your ideal client on LinkedIn, find out what content they are responding to and create more of that kind of content, you will start to attract the clients you want. 

We can help set up your LinkedIn Business page, optimise your personal LinkedIn account and set up a content plan. 

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