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It is generally accepted that the world is rapidly realizing the importance of renewable energy if we are to deliver on the promise of a carbon-neutral future and energy security.

Fio Energy is committed to limiting the impacts of global climate change and a sustainable energy future for many generations to come and this can only be achieved if the world accelerates the transition from fossil fuels to renewable and sustainable energy solutions.

Limiting the impact of global climate change and securing reliable clean energy supply, has an array of proven energy technologies and solutions such as solar, offshore wind, onshore wind, hydropower and mass energy storage solutions in flow battery technology.

Collaborating towards a sustainable future with Fio Energy

Together with our customers and partners, Fio Energy is committed to accelerating the energy transition towards a carbon-neutral energy system.

Delivering on the promise of large-scale renewable energy solutions, presents significant challenges ranging from integration with the grid, connectivity, energy storage, power quality and the supply chain. We’re proud to be able to support our customers at every stage through our expertise, global strategic technology partnerships and our expansive portfolio of technologies, solutions and services.

Fio Energy

A new name in sustainable energy

Fio Energy is committed to building new green economies and at the eve of launching technologically advanced, sustainable energy solutions in the SADEC Region.

Our primary focus is sustainable green energy storage solutions and innovative technologically advanced products to help Africa and the globe become energy efficient, while protecting our environments.

Fio Energy supports the idea of sustainable energy solutions and also launching the latest Japanese nano technology – “Enersol Plates”. This energy saving solution enables residential, commercial and industrial sectors to save 8-15% of their electricity bill.


Sustainable Energy Solutions

The United Nations climate change conference stated that science has established beyond doubt that the window for climate action is closing rapidly and that it is a golden opportunity for all stakeholders to rise to the occasion and effectively tackle the global climate change challenge.

Fio Energy has the exclusive rights to Enersol products and its nano technology in Southern Africa. Our Enersol noise reduction plates reduce electricity consumption and carry a lifetime warranty with no maintenance costs.

Fio is committed to a new green economy and all our products and services are purposefully designed to mitigate Co2 and to make our planet a better and safer place to live in.


Responsible investments in energy

Sustainable renewable energy refers to the development and use of innovative technologies that generate and use energy in a way that is environmentally sustainable, economically viable and socially responsible.

Fio Energy’s goal is to invest in technology that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on finite resources like fossil fuels, while meeting the increasing demand for energy. 

Investing in sustainable energy technology will help create a more environmentally-friendly and secure energy future, while providing economic and social benefits. However, at Fio Energy we consider the long-term viability and potential risks of specific technologies, as well as the wider social and environmental impact, before making our investment decisions.

Innovative energy solutions

We continue to invest in innovative energy technology and creative energy solutions through our extensive global network of industry partners and bespoke global technical experts. These solutions involve advanced technologies and will help to address some of the most pressing energy challenges facing society, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving energy security in our target markets and promoting economic growth.

Mass energy storage technologies and systems that allow large-scale energy storage of energy generated from renewable or conventional sources, is a primary focus for Fio Energy. These solutions play a crucial role in enabling a more efficient and reliable energy grid system. 

Fio Energy believes in a principal of offering clients a tailor designed solution for their energy & storage needs, rather than a product supplier approach. This enables us to focus on cost effective solution engineering, instead of trying to sell products. We invest in technical expertise with access to a myriad of internationally tried and tested solutions, which provides us the ability to solve our clients needs no matter how big or small the project.

Our focus on technical capacity, backed by our global technical partners, provides our clients with state of the art solutions in latest technologies.


Energy Saving Solutions

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The future is changing and we are a part of it

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