Green is not a colour it is an attitude

Fio Energy supports the idea of sustainable energy solutions and is rolling out the latest Japanese nano technology – “Enersol Plates”. This energy saving solution enables residential, commercial and industrial sectors to save 8-15% of their electricity bill.

The United Nations climate change conference stated that science has established beyond doubt that the window for climate action is closing rapidly
and that it is a golden opportunity for all stakeholders to rise to the occasion and eectively tackle the global climate change challenge. Fio Energy has the exclusive rights to Enersol products and its nano technology in Southern Africa. Our Enersol noise reduction plates reduce electricity consumption and carry a lifetime warranty with no maintenance costs.

Fio is committed to a new green economy and all our products and services are purposefully designed to mitigate Co2 and to make our planet a better and safer place to live in.


Our products focuses on our mission to make it easier for businesses to prosper.



Fio supports the idea of sustainable energy solutions. More than 30 billion tons of CO2 are created every year and only 1 billion tons are observed by the earth.

Enersol noise reduction plates reduce electricity consumption between 8-15% with no maintenance, construction or lifespan. This means less CO2 emissions.

Enersol™️ Specs


| Enersol™ Plates

Simple, Yet Powerful! Contents ceramic blended materials with proportions of around 28 additional special metallic elements.


| Enersol™ Secret

Secret in Manufacturing! Not only the contents but by the way of how the product is built up to give you the maximum efficiency.

Power Supply

| Unnecessary

Enersol™ Plates don’t need to be connected directly to the circuit, it can start to work just by installing it on the CB’s.

Enersol™ Technology

| Enersol™ Technology

Enersol is designed to filter noises conducted, radiated & eddy current flow which will be reflected as energy saving.

Maximum Voltage & Amp

| There is no top roof

Enersol™ Products can still keep working even on high, med or low voltages. With 3 different types providing full solution!

Safe To Use

| Enersol™ Products

All of our products are Radiations Free & Asbestos Free; we have CE and RoHS as well which ensuring our products safety.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
Nikola Tesla

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