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Appreciate people.

We give you access to a full-service HR Department which is designed to provide efficient, practical support to ensure that your business operates smoothly.

HR Solutions

Our ‘Human’ Approach to HR Consulting

Human resources should refer to a positive, respectful and reciprocal relationship between employer and employees; they are the most critical asset to your business. Sadly, this isn’t always the case, and our team is ready to enhance your HR practices.

Furthermore, a business needs to turn a profit. It’s the employer’s responsibility to put the correct strategies, processes and procedures in place to ensure employees can add optimal value to the business.

Sound knowledge of the infrastructures that need to be implemented is what will be discussed in your consultation. Our job is to provide recommendations to iron out any problems, leverage your strengths and find solutions to underperformance areas.

Enjoy access to a full-service HR Department

We are proud to offer you access to a complete HR department; the team has decades of industry experience – they’ve seen it all and executed solutions to fix all HR issues that may occur.

Gain an across-the-board understanding of your business

Every employer’s business operates differently. By implementing clear, concise policies and procedures, managers and employees can work harmoniously, ensuring flawless operation across all aspects of your business. Adherence to these recommendations is what will put you ahead of the competition.

The HR Fionians usually start by conducting an HR audit which is an objective evaluation of whether your current HR processes and policies are benefiting or damaging your business goals. Once complete, we will develop strategies, followed by the introduction of vital policies and procedures.

Expert implementation of actionable strategies

We specialise in providing practical strategies tailored to suit your business’s needs which includes streamlining every employer’s and employees’ output expectations. This means that minimal micromanagement will be required. Our goal is to ensure that all HR procedures are conducive to a harmonious and productive working environment.

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