Paid Social Media

Social Advertising

Advertising your business online plays a fundamental role in accomplishing your overall digital marketing goals.

    Businesses of all sizes can use social media advertising to reach prospective and existing customers.

    Your ideal audience is already out there interacting with other brands. We can help you increase your social media presence using effective strategies that speak to your audience directly through popular social media platforms, which can drive leads and sales.

    We can run campaigns across all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, as well as others, depending on your goals.

    Facebook Advertising

    With billions of users, Facebook presents significant reach and engagement opportunities. We can implement cost-effective campaigns to enhance your social presence, drive website traffic and build conversions. All of our strategies will have a concurrent focus on your sales funnel.

    Instagram Advertising

    Visual advertising content has gained immense popularity, especially with millennials. Therefore, clever, visually appealing ads can help increase engagement with this demographic. Your ads will appear on your target audiences’ feeds. One of the main benefits of advertising on this platform is that it’s more cost-effective. So, if you’re on a budget, it’s a good channel on which to advertise.

    Twitter Advertising

    Twitter’s advantage lies in its ability to target reach audiences in the space of influencer and real-time engagement. We can engage in moments of topical relevance while leveraging a variety of audiences on the platform. We also have access to interesting premium ad formats via Twitter’s technology partner, Blue Robot.

    LinkedIn Advertising

    We leverage the professional nature of this social platform to support B2B and brand profiling objectives. LinkedIn offers advanced customer targeting, e.g. by industry, role, job description, years of experience and more. These granular targeting options geared towards B2B advertising and Account-Based Marketing can give your brand exposure to a powerful audience of influencers as well as industry-specific professionals.


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