Competitor Analysis

A comprehensive understanding of your business, audience, marketing objectives and competitive landscape are the core components necessary for an effective marketing strategy.

    Marketing Strategy

    To outrank competitors, we need to find out where they currently stand in the industry’s environment. With this understanding, coupled with the data we gather from our digital marketing audit, we will provide you with a sound strategy to help oust your competition.

    The strategy takes the form of competitor analysis, whereby we assess competitors’ authority to determine where they started, how they are building their brand’s influence, and how quickly they are growing.

    The analysis will give us an accurate perspective of which websites reference your competitors online, giving us a foundation from which we can leverage your USP through strategies tailored to fill the space in the market. We can potentially emulate strategies that have proven to be effective for competitors, continually adapt and refine them until we find the right formula to surpass them.

    By using a variety of specialised tools, information and insights we’ve gleaned from the competitor analysis, we can recommend which of our services will best suit you to gain the advantage you require.

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    We develop holistic media strategies based on:
    • Your business goals and objectives
    • Your target audience
    • Your internal operations
    • Your customer touchpoints
    • Your overall marketing activities
    • The competitor landscape

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