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Fio Financial Planning is a fully independent Financial Service Provider
with company registration number 2015/013217/07. Fio Financial Planning is also duly licensed at the Financial Services Conduct Authority (FSCA) with FSP Number 49153.


We believe wisdom should never be selfishly guarded. Our team of elite Independent Financial Planners will provide you with a holistic analysis and overview of your financial position after death, disability, or other life changing events. We’ve found that start-ups, SMEs, and private individuals seldomly take all factors into account that may affect their estate or operational ability after an impactful event.

From being able to sustain cash flow, to retirement plans for your employees, we can advise you on your choices to make the difference between the success or failure of your business. Our financial planners will guide you to make the right decisions to enjoy the benefits of being an entrepreneur.

Johan Vermeulen

HOD Wealth Management

We are passionate about providing you with an expert and comprehensive financial plan. This is our value. Proper Financial Planning.

Fio is a bespoke business solutions consultancy. It’s our job to look at your business from a holistic viewpoint, analyse the current financial situation and offer top tier, real-world recommendations to boost your growth potential.

This all is of no use if it is not tied to an implementable Financial Plan. What sets us apart from other companies is that we are an independent financial advisory firm that will never tout any specific insurance product or company. We advise you about extra costs financial institutions may be trying to hide and in doing so, provide you with the understanding to make an informed decision.

Entrepreneurialism is dynamic; there are always ways to grow your wealth, but if disaster strikes, are you able to even maintain the status quo?

You may reach a point where you attract interest from investors; we’ve got you covered; you may want to expand and implement a franchise model; we’ve got you covered. With us, it’s easier to prosper.

"All riches have their origin in mind. Wealth is in ideas - not money" Robert Collier

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Services we offer

Estate Planning

An Estate Plan is often one of the most neglected things in life. Did you know that it will cost you money when you pass away? This cost is often left to others to deal with.

Proper Financial Planning includes Tax advice, the calculation of Executors fees, Estate Tax calculations, Property Transfer costs and other costs. Do you know what these costs are?

Furthermore it also plans for minor children, school and university fees. The resolution of debt will leave your loved one’s debt free upon your death.

What happens to your Business when you pass away? Did you plan for a buy-and-sell eventuality?

Failing to plan means planning to fail. 

Investment Management

Investments can be tricky or simple, depending on who you partner with. With us it’s easier to prosper.

When last did your broker advise you on the cost of your investment? Or are they carefully hiding the effects of high costs from you?

There are 3 important factors. Costs, Rate of Return and the availability of acceptable and well researched fund choices. These are not the only factors, but as Independent Financial Planners we are able to find the best fit for you.

Life Insurance

The purpose of having life insurance is to cover you against financial risks that may occur. Paying life insurance does not always feel like value for money because you don’t see the benefits, but it makes all the difference to those you leave behind.

Short-Term Insurance

Independence means that we can get you the best quality cover at the best price. Business, Transportation, Goods in Transit, House, Jet Ski, Bakkie and Grannies diamond ring; you can insure them all (and many more) with us.

Retirement Planning

Retirement should be a time for you to relax and reap the rewards of all the hard work that you’ve invested in yourself physically and mentally. It’s recommended that you start saving within the first 10 years of employment so that you have enough time to build up enough capital to live comfortably at retirement.

Employee Benefits

Are your employees important to you? Do you show them that you are invested in not only their overall health, but also their future and the wellbeing of their families after years of service to you? A solid employee benefits package can help you to attract and retain talent and differentiate your business from that of competitors


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Ajay Wasserman
Ajay Wasserman

Director/ Key individual

Francois Cloete
Francois Cloete

Short term insurance specialist

Jaun-Mari Potgieter
Jaun-Mari Potgieter

Financial Planning Administrator

Johan Vermeulen
Johan Vermeulen

HOD Wealth Management

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