Van Wyngaardt Meat Deli

We started working with Van Wyngaardt Meat Deli (VWG) in 2020 with the sole purpose of turning the business from red to black. The VWG project spans across a few different departments, all working together to improve the performance of the wholesale meat deli.

A business consultant was assigned to VWG. A full analysis was done of the business and a plan developed to improve the functioning of the organisation as a while.Two departments within the Marketing department where also involved – the SEO team and the Social Media team. Each team received clear directives as to what was need to put VWG back on the map and get the orders rolling in.


The SEO team

VWG is a small wholesale supplier of meat products who were looking for more traction through their online profile. Everything from their positioning in the market, to the website and marketing required input and we were happy to help with the SEO.


We defined the internal architecture of the new website build to maximise the targeting options available to us. Prior to launch we ensured that all optimisations were carried out to ensure Optimal UX and in turn, optimal understanding by search engines. Through our monthly content plans, and digital pr campaigns we increased the amount of reachable content, along with authority, allowing us to claim top positions in the serps for related conversion keywords.

Disciplines Engaged:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Digital PR & Copywriting Strategy
  • Website optimisation

Cost of Campaign:

R13,000 Per month.


The Social Media team

When Fio took over VWG they had no online presence. We created a new Facebook page and a LinkedIn company page and developed a long-term content strategy across both platforms. Apart from the organic campaign, we developed a paid media campaign on Facebook which has been running continuously for 2 years now. The focus of the social media channels was two fold – raising awareness and lead generation.

We have seen significant increases in both brand awareness and lead generation as a result of the paid media campaign. The page likes grew organically to 1300 which is substantial considering the niche market VWG serves.

Cost of Campaign:

R11 200 per month


Fio Marketing in conjunction with the internal VWG team have achieved substantial growth since the start of this campaign. We are still working with VWG and are  consistently working to improve on these gains, educating the internal team and building online value.

Through our collective efforts, we have placed VWG forefront of their field, opening up new avenues and increasing the market share.