We focus on analysing and extrapolating the areas of your business that are performing well, and those which could benefit from services including but not limited to coaching, business analysis, start-up incubation and if necessary, business ICU and recovery.

Connie Schölly

COO Fio Group

Fio Business Specialists are dedicated to assisting you in operating your business with precision. We’ll work with you directly, exploring your business model and accompanying strategies to determine if they are on track to meet your short, medium and long-term goals.

Our team of hand-picked industry experts have a host of proven tools and systems at their disposal to make decisions easier and wealth management less intimidating.

"If you're trying to create a company, it's like baking a cake. You have to have all the ingredients in the right proportion." - Elon Musk

Services we offer


We provide you with access to our team of industry experts who will share their knowledge, assisting you in increasing productivity and adaptability of business strategies. This will ensure financial sustainability and revenue growth are on track to meet realistic short- medium and long-term goals.

Business Analysis

Our team specialises in analysing your business model and accompanying strategies. We’ll identify areas of performance and underperformance in your business and recommend the necessary revisions needed to create a robust roadmap that will result in a favourable return on investment (ROI).

Start-up Incubation

We develop and design collaborative programmes, guiding start-ups to solve problems and make informed decisions. We impart our knowledge to help you set a solid structure that allows for the creation of sustainable short- medium and long-term goals.

Business ICU & Recovery

We are adept at dealing with emergencies quickly in every area of your business, as well as implementing comprehensive contingency plans that will protect any potential damage in the future.


It’s our genuine desire to help you accomplish your goals in all aspects of your business. This includes finance, employee and overall brand growth. All of our divisions work collectively, providing proven skillsets to boost operational and strategic efficiencies.

Optimisation & Automation

Every minute counts. Our team will ascertain areas that can be optimised, so that time and workforce are utilised effectively. We will also advise and implement appropriate automation functionality such as chatbots, which will give you much-needed time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Kwena T Moloto AGA(SA)
Kwena T Moloto AGA(SA)

Business Development Specialist

Jaco Pretorius
Jaco Pretorius

Business Consultant, HOD - Audio & Visual

 Sherwin Franks
Sherwin Franks

Business Consultant

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