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Social Media Audit

    A social media audit involves a thorough analysis.


    A social media audit involves a thorough analysis of all account pages and key information to determine overall performance on the relevant social media channels, e.g. Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It should all be consolidated in one place.

    Our team of experts builds an audit from a holistic perspective: we assess the goals of each account, and through the interpretation of supporting data, evaluate whether the existing strategy is appropriate to meet those goals.

    Based on the results of the audit, we will provide recommendations of how you can leverage the strengths and fix weaknesses of your social media marketing and advertising efforts. This may include removing, adding or tweaking certain aspects to get your strategy back on track.

    Social media is dynamic and so continual monitoring of user activity – or lack thereof – is vital to success. We aim to offer you a clear picture of social media performance by providing a master strategy document that lists each account, its goals and methods. This allows you to take your social media endeavours to the next level.

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    Services offered:
    • Social media audit (Analysis of account pages to improve overall performance)
    • Social media strategy planning
    • Account creation and Content creation
    • Campaign concept creation
    • Tracking implementation
    • Community management
    • Data measurement and reporting

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